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Why connecting with your colours is so important.

Colours aren't everything, you also need the right fit. But a good colour worn properly, can turn your entire day around. Even on the darkest of days.

From the earliest memory, I remember how much I craved a nice garment, how much it bothered me when I wore something that didn't fit right. Coming from a remote rural area, getting a lot of hand me downs as a necessity, quality clothing was hard to come by. That's when I started to focus on colour. If I couldn't get something that suited me perfectly, at least I would start to figure out which colours worked best and having fun with my outfits. My theory wasn't perfect and I had a long road to go but I was on to something. By age 7, I remember ruffling through a bag of clothes given to me by my much taller, blonder, fairer older cousin. As I was excited to make my selection, I came back out with a pile of no's. I remember holding up one garment specifically, a light beige pink pastel sweatshirt (which I am sure looked great on my cousin) and telling my parents "this colour is morbid on me and does nothing for my skin tone". They both looked surprised and confused, as English was our second spoken language and they probably wondered why I was using words like 'morbid' and how I knew of skin tones. As you can imagine, with struggling families, this was not well received, but essentially, I wasn't wrong.

Colours can be used in many different ways, our hair, skin and even eye colour can anticipate slight variations as we age, tan, grow but typically, our core palette remains the same. The colour journey isn't perfect, but I can certainly help you narrow it down.

Lately I have been hearing this a lot. "I would love to use your services, but I have to lose the covid weight."

Let me tell you something. I would rather help you embark on your style journey at any given point of your life than for you to have to wait until your body 'deserves' to be well clad. Your body ALWAYS deserves to be well clad. We are all surviving this pandemic situation together and doing the best we can. You may lose that 10 lbs in a month or so but it's possible that you don't. And that's ok. The clients who I have seen bounce back the most effectively from weight gain, post-maternity body or any other situation situation where they didn't feel as comfortable in their bodies started by dressing well, wearing their nice colours, appreciating their journey and THAT's when their true magic began.

-Michelle LeBlanc