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This is My Why

This is why I do what I do 💛

To see the light coming back into people.

I spent 15 years doing hair. To see a person come into my chair and leave completely excited about their day, their week, their life. They just walked different after they felt fresh and liked what they saw in the mirror.

Then for 7 years I studied and worked in psychology and counseling related fields. I got to have a pretty great view of what Canadians across the country were facing and dealing with everyday.

OH Style, under the Outer Health group of Companies is a product of all that experience.

I do understand that working on your style and wardrobe may seem like a band aid for their internal issues. I do.

However, having a style coach is also having someone to keep you accountable for your style. For how you present yourself to the world. This is what I do.

Some people who come to me are stylish, busy, thriving. They have me to maintain and grow their style to be able to achieve even more. Even I have taken stylist recommendations.

Some people who come to me claim to have no style at all, and they are complete disasters. Although they can come to me mismatched and with no real rhyme or reason to their style, we are always able to capture an element or a trait in their personality that can help express and understand good style.

Either of these people might keep me around forever because what I provide makes their life a little bit easier every single day.

Your best self may not be around forever with a simple quick fix of your appearance. If I can offer you a glimpse into what that looks like, it might just be the fire that you need to get addicted to what being at your best feels like.

Happy Monday 💛


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