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Too Stylish for a Stylist?

The secret to looking so "well put together" might be me 💁‍♀️ Contrary to popular belief, some of my clients are already quite stylish! What do they need me for you might ask? To keep their own energy getting paid at what THEY do best, and saving TIME, MONEY and CHAOS . As a stylist, I always meet people where they are at. Whether you are a wild fashionista, have absolutely no clue what should go on your body or you are slightly colorblind and get the curious side eye when you walk into a place because're wearing red and green since you thought it was grey (it happens to almost 30% of men).

Additionally, having worked in the film and tv industry as a wardrobe person, I have seen a plethora of actors and celebrities looking quite normal in their off times and early mornings (yet still gorgeous and having radiant energy). When people look good, or function at a high level, they most likely have a fantastic team behind them to keep them thriving at that level. Everyone needs to gets dressed (non-optional) why don't you make it easier for yourself? E-mail to book your free consultation today! *virtual styling available for non local and international clients


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